LAPS: Spectator Opportunities For LAMS And LAHS Sports

The Sullivan Field  House on Diamond Drive. Photo by John McHale/

LAPS News:

Los Alamos High School and Los Alamos Middle School athletes and coaches are excited to see the start of the “fall” season for cross country, football, soccer and volleyball. 

Most teams have events beginning March 11. 

Public Education Department and NMAA guidelines (New Mexico Activities Association) for return to play do not allow for spectators during practices and competitive play. Thus, school playing fields and gyms are closed to spectators, parents and guardians, during practices and competitions.

Surrounding areas, including sidewalks and parking lots at Sullivan Field at LAHS and the field at LAMS also are closed. 

To provide fans an opportunity to view the action, games held in Griffith Gymnasium and on Sullivan Field will be streamed on the NFHS Network. For more information, visit