Special School Board Meeting/Work Session Thursday

LAPS News:

The Board of Education of Los Alamos Public Schools will meet in a Special School Board Meeting/Work Session at 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 27 at Chamisa Elementary School Gymnasium.The agenda for such Special Meeting/Work Session is as follows:

  • Executive Session – Limited personnel matterThe School Board hereby gives notice of its intent to convene in a closed Executive Session in the Chamisa Elementary Conference Room to discuss limited personnel matters, specifically the evaluation of Superintendent Gene Schmidt, per section 10-15-1(H) (2) as allowed in the Open Meetings Act NMSA 1978. Following the closed Executive Session, President Jim Hall will reconvene the School Board in a public Work Session.
  • First Reading of Lease for Suite T – presentation by Joan Ahlers and Doris Roberts on behalf of All Individuals First
  • First reading for lease proposal for office space at Pueblo Complex – presentation by Joan Ahlers and Rohan Loveland on behalf of Dynofit Inc.
  • Selection of Guest Speaker topic for Region 2 School Board Meeting – discussion by President Jim Hall
  • School Board nominations for the committee to select the 2014 Excellence for Student Achievement Award winner – discussion by Superintendent Gene Schmidt
  • Value added teacher scores update – presentation by Assistant Superintendent Gerry Washburn
  • Travel policy discussion – presentation by CFO John Wolfe
  • Status Report on Chamisa Elementary School – presentation by Principal Debbie Smith
  • Upcoming meetings and events – informational reminder – District Choir on Work Session night at 7 p.m., March 27