Smart Design With Suzette: Style Your Bookshelves Like a Pro

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If you are like me, I absolutely love bookcases in a home. I dream of having a custom bookcase built around a fireplace or a library dedicated to relaxed reading. But what I do have are small bookcases that hold literary treasures, art and accessories that represent who I am.
Style-Defining Bookcases
Most people struggle with decorating and filling bookcases, and as time progresses, they end up asking me for advice. Your beautiful home deserves bookcases that showcase your personal style with organized arrangements of books, collectibles and pieces of art. It’s really quite easy to declutter, organize and decorate your bookcase if you have a little bit of time and a step-by-step guide to help you. Here are my guidelines to do just that.
First, edit your books. Completely empty your shelves and get rid of any books that no longer interest you or hold sentimental value. I suggest donating books to your local library if family or friends to not want them. While your bookcase is empty, paint or wallpaper the back wall to bring in an accent color.
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Remove dust jackets if they don’t hold value. Sort books by size and subject. The current trend is to sort by color. If you’ve taken the original dust jackets off, consider adding new, solid-colored jackets. This is another way to add interest to your bookcase. Note, if you have painted a medium to dark color on the back wall of the bookcase, you can add white dust jackets to add contrast.
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Vary Scale and Height
Start adding back items. Stack some books horizontally and others vertically. Vary book display heights to bring visual balance. Create small groupings that combine similar items in different sizes, colors and textures.Use stacks of books to elevate your favorite collectibles and add color.  
Fill unused spaces with attractive boxes, ceramics, and artwork. Bring in some family photos for added personality. Add reflective pieces that will bounce light around the room. Metallics and mirrored objects are perfect for this. Place some flowers or greenery. There is one caution – don’t overfill. Leave some empty space for the eye to rest.
Courtesy/Suzette Fox
Don’t forget lighting. Lighting directed on the shelving will make your bookcase stand out as a design element and focal point in your room.
If you’re into modern book shelving, the market is saturated with artistic designs. There is a plethora of creative options that can be found locally and on-line. Enjoy being creative. Make sure your bookshelves are as interesting as the titles you’ve so carefully collected.
Courtesy/Suzette Fox
Courtesy/Suzette Fox
Courtesy/Suzette Fox
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