Smart Design With Suzette: Front Door Curb Appeal

Courtesy/Suzette Fox
Smart Design with Suzette 
Front Door Curb Appeal

Whether you are selling your home or want a fresh look, your front door needs to be inviting. A buyer will judge whether they want to buy a home within 15 seconds of walking in the door. If the curb appeal doesn’t get them in the front door – your house will not sell and you’ll hurt your property value.

Taking on the entire curb appeal of your home including the lawn, landscaping and design could take up to a month or more to undertake. Adding pizzazz to your home’s front entrance is an easy, low-cost way to up your home’s curb appeal in a weekend.

Your front door not only serves as the entrance to your house, but also sets the stage for what guests will find inside. It is the focal point of your exterior and crucial to curb appeal. Here’s some advice to get you started.

De-clutter & Clean

If there are any lawn gnomes around, send them on a vacation. Sweep entryway floors, brush away the cobwebs of winter, wash windows and polish any metal.

Courtesy/Suzette Fox


Trying painting your door a pretty, vibrant color that compliments your home’s exterior and contrasts with the façade of your home. The paint on the body of your home should be a neutral with a pop of color at the front door. Popular door colors include red or orange, cobalt blue, and turquoise. Try not to paint your front door black. It will cause the door to recede and not give the eye-catching aesthetic needed.

Replace Old Hardware

Hardware can include anything from your house numbers, to the entry door lockset, doorbell or wall-mounted mailbox. These are all important design elements that add style and interest to your home’s curb appeal.

These elements need to have the same finish. Oil-rubbed bronze finishes suit traditional homes, while brushed nickel suits more contemporary ones. Make sure that your house numbers are clearly visible from the curb.

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Replace Exterior Light Fixtures

When buying new exterior light fixtures, be sure to consider both the style of the light fixtures and the function of them. You want your light fixtures to be able to adequately light up your entryway to your house and make it safer.

The finish should match the other hardware. Also, look for light fixtures that have the same mounting system as the current one to save time on the installation. Exterior light fixtures can be found anywhere from $20 and up.


Place a potted plant or two by the front entrance. It adds softness from the hard lines of the door and doorframe. Ferns are nice for a shaded area. Bright, colorful flowers are the best bet for adding curb appeal.

Courtesy/Suzette Fox

Welcome Mat

Always, always, always, purchase a new welcome mat once a year. A fresh, clean, bright mat welcomes family and visitors alike. They don’t cost much and are very functional for keeping dirt out of your house.

I hope I have inspired you to liven up your entryway. Adding curb appeal to your front door entry not only makes it easier to sell, but it also gives your house that nice, finished look that you can take pride in.