Smart Design With Suzette: Cool Stuff

Cell phone charging pads and tables make life easier. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

While researching the latest trends, I came upon technology items being brought to market that are the coolest things I have seen in a while. I thought I would share them before I move on to other design stories.

Transparent TV. Courtesy photo


The first thing to catch my eye was a transparent television. The transparent TV designed by Michael Friebe is a marvelous piece of technology that combines conventional LCD and the latest TOLED display technology. This allows to create non-transparent / solid moving pictures with rich color reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

Floor plan lgiht switch. Courtesy photo

Floor Plan Light Switch

Have you ever had a problem with forgetting which light switch stands for what light? Taewon Hwang came with the great idea of creating a master light switch with a simple design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off.

Sony Eclipse. Courtesy photo

Sony Eclipse

This Sony Eclipse concept is a media player that uses photovoltaic cells situated on its backside to draw in solar power. Very cool!

Sanitizing wood floor. Courtesy photo

Self-sterilization Systems

For my friends that are germophobes (you know who you are), there is this amazing door handle with a self-sterilization system. When the handle is not being used, the UV lamp continuously sterilizes it to maintain a clean condition. The UV lamp turns off when the door handle is being used.

Also very cool, is a sanitizing wood floor. The Lauzon ‘Pure Genius’ Smart Floor breaks down airborne contaminants. Pure Genius is a light-activated, air-purifying agent that is integrated into the floor finish. Pure It works constantly, without any loss of performance over time for as long as the finish lasts. Pure Genius improves the indoor air quality of your home without compromising the quality and appearance of your hardwood flooring. It makes the air in your home up to 85 percent purer. It’s pure genius!

Protective Surface Coatings

EnduroShield is an easy clean protective coating that creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on all glass, ceramic tiles, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces, reducing cleaning time by up to 90 percent. EnduroShield protects against staining, build-up and etching caused by soap scum, body oils, lime scale, dirt, grime, salt and chlorine. The best part is that it’s only $35 at your home improvement store.

Cota phone charger. Courtesy photo

Self-charging Phones

New technologies are enabling phones to charge through wavelengths. Ossia Inc. will showcase a product, called Cota that will automatically recharge mobile phones at a distance from about 30 feet away, similar to how WiFi transmitters deliver data from routers to devices. Cota serves as a central hub that pushes out targeted energy through wavelengths to charge devices without having to plug them in or place them on a pad.

This follows technologies that take advantage of smartphones’ wireless charging standard known as Qi. The company Qi Wireless, for example, produces pads that charge phones when placed on them. Earlier this year, the home furnishing giant Idea began selling tables that wirelessly charge phones when the mobile device is placed on them. Phones can also be charged with the same type of technology can be placed into countertops.

Combination washer/drayer. Courtesy photo

Washer and Dryer in One Machine

I have always thought why doesn’t someone figure out how to wash and dry laundry in one machine. Well, someone finally did it. Marathon’s Laundry Machine is a combination machine that saves space, time and energy moving clothes from one machine to the other. I’m getting one!

Outlast® bedding. Courtesy photo

Outlast Technology

Originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations, today Outlast® technology improves comfort in many everyday situations.

Outlast® technology utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. As the skin gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as it cools, that heat is released.

Outlast® technology is not wicking technology, which manages moisture by reacting to your sweat and pulling it away from the skin. Outlast® technology will proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. This technology is used in bedding so you always get a good night’s sleep, clothing, footwear  (no sweaty feet!), seating and even in construction for insulation. Visit for more information and to watch a short video. If you can’t find it locally, sells it.

Sensorwake.  Courtesy photo

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

One of the most hated sounds in the world has to be the shrill siren of the alarm clock in the morning. But what if you could wake up to a pleasant scent instead? That’s the thought behind the Sensorwake, which is a unique olfactory alarm clock. Insert one of six scent cartridges (ocean, lush jungle, croissant, coffee, chocolate or peppermint) in the slot, program in your wake time and you’ll be awakened with the aroma of your choice. With this gadget, you will never wake up on the wrong side of the bed!

What a wonderful time we live in. We are benefitting from brilliant minds that are making our lives healthier, smarter, safer and definitely more fun!

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