Small Business Profile: Papa Murphy’s Customers Are The Best!

Papa Murphy’s owners Gayle and Lyle Cunningham. Photo by Chris Clark/


Los Alamos Daily Post

Nov. 26 is Small Business Saturday and an opportunity for the community to show its support by visiting and shopping at local businesses in Los Alamos and White Rock.

Papa Murphy’s opened in Los Alamos nearly 12 years ago at 3801 Arkansas, Ste. B. Current owners Gayle and Lyle Cunningham explain how they ended up buying the business.

“We moved to Los Alamos to buy the business almost two years ago now,” Lyle said. “We loved the high altitude, four distinct seasons, clean air and great schools. It’s a great small town, and we appreciate the lifestyle we have here.”

Gayle said neither she nor her husband had prior restaurant experience, but they both knew they needed a change from the long hours and demands of their prior careers. 

“We had been looking at other Papa Murphy’s stores in other areas, just toying with the idea for many years, but when this one became available, we knew this was THE one,” she said. “Looking back, we had a LOT to learn, and ended up working even longer hours than before, trying to get a handle on what needed to be done! In the meantime, making dough from scratch every day means our arms are in the best shape ever!”

What’s the greatest thing about their business?

“Our customers in this town are the best thing about this business; we love getting to know people as they come through the store, hearing about their kids and grandkids, events and hobbies they are passionate about,” Gayle said. “Our employees are fabulous as well – they work hard and are happy to help out our customers any way they can. We enjoy serving our customers a great product that we are passionate about.”

One of the things they would like everyone to know is that they really care about the community and want to give back.

“Our fundraiser focus is on the youth of our community … schools, youth groups and sports teams … both school and independent,” Lyle said. “Partnering with us allows us to give funds to groups that benefit our kids.”

Anyone craving handmade and home baked pizza is encouraged to visit Papa Murphy’s soon. The pizzas are prepared in the kitchen with handmade dough and fresh ingredients and offer a wide selection of gourmet to stuffed pizzas and more. Papa Murphy’s offers pizzas, lasagna, cinnamon wheels, cheesy bread, chocolate chip cookie dough and signature salads. Call Papa Murphy’s ahead at 505.412.6511 and they’ll have your orders ready.