Silver City Museum Receives AAM Accreditation

Silver City Museum. Courtesy photo
SCM News:
SILVER CITY The Silver City Museum in Silver City, New Mexico—known for its wealth of cultural heritage and history—has received accreditation from the prestigious American Alliance of Museums (AAM).
The museum, which had been previously accredited and had not gone through the accreditation process in 15 years, now joins the seven other accredited museums in the state. One of the smaller museums on the elite list, Silver City Museum also was awarded the AAM’s Gold Standard Award.
“We’re thrilled to have received this accreditation and acclaim from the AAM, and we know this is a testament to the quality of our museum and to the dedication of our staff and community,” Museum Director Bart A. Roselli said. “The Silver City Museum is a gem for heritage and cultural-minded travelers, as well as for locals interested in learning the rich history and culture of our area. Whether it’s your first visit to Silver City or your hundredth, we invite you to stop by and dive into the heritage of our town.” 
Roselli is confident this designation will increase the area’s heritage tourism—an increasing trend where visitors seek out cultural and heritage experiences such as museums, historical sites and heritage areas in the areas they visit.
“Under new leadership, the museum is headed in an exciting direction,” Town Manager Alex Brown said. “We applaud the staff and leadership for their dedication and hard work, and we look forward to seeing increased growth in tourism as a result of this recognition.”
With revolving exhibits, as well as a wide array of historical area collections, the Silver City Museum offers engaging glimpses into the past in areas such as ranching, mining and Native American culture. Additionally, the museum hosts a variety of events, including panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and films, which offer an interactive and immersive Silver City experience.
“We take great pride in our community in Silver City, and a fun and exciting way to see and explore that pride, our traditions and who we are is to visit our award-winning museum,” Brown said.  
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