Shrinking Horizons: Help Preserve Indigenous Human Societies in SFI’s First Crowdfunding Campaign

SFI News:

Working with the SciFund Challenge, SFI has joined other scientists and science research centers in this emerging, social-networked way to generate financial backing for critical scientific research. The campaign runs through Dec. 15.

For SFI’s first cowdfunding campaign we are highlighting SFI Postdoctoral Fellow Marcus Hamilton and his collaborators at the University of Missouri, who are seeking better ways to understand how to preserve the rainforest land on which indigenous human groups depend.

Visit the SFI campaign page here.

There are an estimated 100 uncontacted human groups remaining in the world today; most live in remote parts of the Amazon Basin.

As deforestation, agriculture, and mining operations press in on their horizons, their forager-hunter-gatherer way of life is increasingly threatened.

In fact, with the range and magnitude of current threats, ours may be the last generation to co-exist with uncontacted, indigenous human societies.

They are the silent victims of rainforest destruction, illegal mining, and encroaching modernization. For more information, see Hamilton’s blog at the campaign page.

You can help us achieve our modest financial goal of $3,000 in two ways: Watch the video and support our campaign here (any amount is appreciated; see the list of rewards for participating) and, most important, share this link with as many of your family, friends, and colleagues as possible:

While you’re there, check out the other SciFund Challenge campaigns, where you can find a range of interesting scientific ventures in need of support.

Thanks from all of us at SFI for being part of this exciting experiment.

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