Shin Joins Rio Grande Foundation Board Of Directors

RGF News:
ALBUQUERQUE Dr. Lisa Shin, a Los Alamos optometrist, has joined the board of directors of the Rio Grande Foundation, New Mexico’s free market think tank.


“Lisa is a successful small business owner and health care provider who can bring a pragmatic, common sense approach to the issues facing New Mexico,” Rio Grande Foundation president Paul Gessing said. “These ideas are the only way this State can build a sustainable, prosperous economy.”

Through her work both political and apolitical, Dr. Shin has shown that she shares the principled support for free market ideas based on individual choice and personal responsibility that have made America so successful, Gessing said.
“I am so pleased to join the Rio Grande Foundation Board,” Dr. Shin said. “The Foundation is New Mexico’s leading organization when it comes to making the intellectual case for free markets and individual liberty. When it comes to issues like the Santa Fe Soda Tax, Mandatory Paid Sick Leave in Albuquerque, and APS 19 percent Property Tax Hike, the Rio Grande Foundation has had and continues to have a tremendous impact. We need the Foundation now more than ever.”