Shin: A Fierce Advocate For Small Businesses

Republican candidate
House Dist. 43
As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges and difficulties facing job creators in New Mexico. Small businesses are the engines that drive our economy, both in our state and the nation.

Locally, concerns include:

  • Recruiting and retaining a dependable work force. Both entry level and middle skills employees are difficult to find. A restaurant owner proposed expanding transportation across Northern New Mexico, to include the afternoon and late night hours, as well as more low income housing. This could also mitigate the crime and drug problems that stem from unemployment.
  • Building strong support and working relationships with the local community and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Keep it local!
  • Easing the regulatory and tax burden. There are too many onerous mandates that strangle small businesses. Often, we can’t afford costly lawyers, accountants, and lobbyists, so we are left to navigate a complex and confusing code ourselves.
  • The success of our local economy is directly linked to the hiring patterns of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.  We must support its scientific mission, innovation, and workforce instead of imposing new taxes. I wholeheartedly applaud Governor Martinez for her veto of flawed legislation to do such. “…the federal government is currently looking at LANL as a potential site for mission expansion. Requiring a nonprofit to pay a tax that it currently is not required to pay could cost the state many jobs and puts New Mexico at a competitive disadvantage.”
I applaud the work of National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) to support small businesses. Here are several of their legislative victories in 2018:  
Avoided Minimum Wage Increases
NFIB’s efforts were effective in defeating all proposals ranging from $8.45 to $15 an hour introduced in the 2017 session.
Won Workers Compensation “Return to Work” Reform
NFIB was successful in getting a law change which addresses recent upper court rulings adversely impacting return to work provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act.
Battled Higher Income Tax Rates and Capital Gains Deduction Cuts
NFIB held the line, yet again, against multiple legislative attempts to increase income taxes and reduce capital gains deductions
I invite all small business owners to a family picnic, 2-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 16 at Urban Park. There will be free food, fun and fellowship!
Please contact me with your questions and concerns: Text “Lisa43” to 555888 for campaign updates.