Sheriff’s Posse Flips Seasonal Surprise Pancake Sunday


When Sunday rolls around, you will no longer have to be cooking for your Thanksgiving guests. The Los Alamos Sheriff’s Posse will be serving up the monthly cowboy pancake breakfast 7-11 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 1 at the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Posse Lodge at 650 North Mesa Road..

Fluffy hot pancakes in a wide variety of flavors, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, juice and hot coffee will be served just in time to help entertain your holiday crowd. In addition to plain pancakes and perennial favorites such as blueberry, banana, and chocolate chip, the kitchen will be flipping out a seasonal surprise pancake. The tickets are $7 for adults; $4 for children under age 10.

The proceeds of the breakfast will go toward renovating and updating the Posse Lodge, a historical building that requires constant maintenance. Some of the more immediate needs include kitchen upgrades.