SFNF: 150 Acres Completed On Borrego Mesa Burn

SFNF News:
SANTA FE Fire managers on the Espanola Ranger District of the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) completed 150 acres of a 200 acre broadcast burn Tuesday on the Borrego Mesa fuelwood unit.
The broadcast burn reduces the risk of high-severity wildfire. The treatment area consists of slash left behind from wood cutting.
The remaining 50 acres are expected to be completed sometime between early November and Dec. 31.
The area is approximately five miles East of Cordova, and five miles South of Truchas. Smoke may be visible from Santa Fe, Espanola, Tesuque, Truchas, Cordova, Penasco and El Rito. Smoke is expected to settle into lower elevations and in drainage areas during the evenings, but should lift by mid-morning.
Prescribed burns are one of the most effective tools available to resource managers for restoring fire-adapted ecosystems. The burns mimic natural fires by reducing forest fuels, recycling nutrients and increasing habitat diversity. The Borrego Mesa prescribed burn will specifically remove dead forest fuels, provide community protection and promote forest health. Prescribed burns are managed with firefighter and public safety as the first priority.
Smoke/Air Quality: Information on air quality and protecting your health by using the 5-3-1 visibility method can be found online at the New Mexico Department of Health’s website at https://nmtracking.org/fire.
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Fire updates are posted on the New Mexico Fire Information website and on Twitter @SantaFeNF, and www.facebook.com/SantaFeNF.
For more information, contact the Española Ranger Station at 505.753.7331.