SFI Colloquium: ‘Earth’s Energy Imbalance, Climate Change, and Implications for Young People’

SFI News:

SFI Colloquium

Thursday, Feb. 21 • 3:30 p.m. • Noyce Conference Room in the Santa Fe Institute at 1399 Hyde Park Road in Santa Fe.

James Hansen, Columbia University Earth Institute will present, “Earth’s Energy Imbalance, Climate Change, and Implications for Young People.”

Abstract: Improving observations of ocean heat content show that Earth is absorbing substantially more energy from the Sun than it is radiating to space as heat, implying that more global warming is in the pipeline.

Paleoclimate data and observations of ongoing climate change imply that continued business-as-usual fossil fuel emissions would have disastrous impacts on today’s young people, future generations, and nature.

I will describe the changes that are needed to restore Earth’s energy balance and stabilize global temperature.

Note: So that we can ensure we have sufficient space for all attendees, please RSVP to Chris Wood at ccwood@santafe.edu if you wish to attend this colloquium.

SFI Host: Jennifer Dunne

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