September Is Suicide Prevention Month

LAPS Superintendent 

School counselors in Los Alamos have adopted a comprehensive program that promotes student well-being and achievement. It is called the ASCA (American School Counselors Association) model.

ASCA is preventive in design and developmental in nature. It brings school counselors together with one vision and one voice, which creates unity and focus toward student well-being and improving achievement.

One of the ASCA components is suicide prevention and a national campaign has been launched for the month of September. At LAPS, we are not so interested in a month of being focused on suicide prevention as we are being dedicated to the health of every one of our students everyday of the year.

With a growing awareness of anxiety there are many programs in place to support our students at every grade level.

Everyday across the US, unfortunately people attempt suicide. It is one of the leading causes of death for adolescents in our country and our state and Los Alamos children are not immune to the struggles.

Suicide prevention is important for individuals, families and the entire Los Alamos community. We are working together to do whatever is in our power to prevent suicide ideation.

Our acceptance and awareness of the issues is critical. Our willingness to learn whatever we can is essential. Our eagerness to do whatever possible is paramount. This effort takes parents, educators, medical professionals and our entire community.

Please join me in our work and to learn more information about suicide and read, “Myths About Suicide That Every Educator and Parent Should Know” by clicking here.