Senior Olympics Results

Michael Wilson competes in the standard long jump. Courtesy photo
Elizabeth Johnson running the 800 meters. Courtesy photo


Results in the ongoing Senior Olympic games show Abel Castillo, Ann ReVelle and Jackie Peckham qualified in Huachas.

Victor Valenzuela and Abel Castillo renewed their horseshoes rivalry with Victor coming out on top 21-10. They both qualified. 

Abel Castillo, left and Victor Abel Castillo renewed their rivalry at horseshoes. Courtesy photo

In dance, Selmo Jaramillo and Teresa Goodwin qualified in seven dances. Inez Ross performed well in Talent with a routine titled “84 and Still Competing”.

Selmo Jaramillo and Teresa Goodwin prepare to waltz. Courtesy photo

The track and field meet on Saturday was cold and windy but 12 dedicated athletes competed and qualified for the State Senior Olympic Games. Track competition was held in the 1500 (Laura McClellan, Michael Benelli, Ted Romero); 800 m and 400 m (Elizabeth Johnson, Laura McClellan, Michael Benelli, Ted Romero);  200 (Bob Weeks, Ted Romero), 100 m & 50 m runs  (Bob Weeks, Tim Johnson, Michael Wilson, Sheryl Bailey); the 1500 m Race Walk (Ruth Doyle, Jackie and Duane Marr, Roy Cope, Tim Johnson); the 4 X 100 Co-ed Relay (Sheryl Bailey, Bob Weeks, Laura McClellan, Ted Romero) and the 800 m (Jackie and Duane Marr, Roy Cope, Susan Krohn) and 400 m (Jackie and Duane Marr, Roy Cope, Bob Weeks, Susan Krohn) estimated walk/run (This is similar to the weekly pace races where athletes must predict their time without going over and the closest to their prediction wins.)

In the field events Tim Johnson (standing long jump), Michael Wilson (standing long jump, javelin, discus), Sheryl Bailey (javelin, discus, shot), Ann ReVelle (javelin), and Bob Weeks (javelin and shot) all qualified.

Run Walk competitors from left, Ruth Doyle, Roy Cope, Tim Johnson and Duane and Jackie Marr. Courtesy photo
Michael Benelli in the 800 meters. Coutesy photo
Jackie Peckham competes at huachas. Courtesy photo


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