Senate Passes Memorial For USS Los Alamos!

Following a year of spearheading the march to get a United States Naval submarine named the USS Los Alamos, James Nesmith, center, celebrates Thursday at the State Capitol with Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, Sen. Richard Martinez and students from Los Alamos High School. The Senate passed Senate Memorial 15 with a 43-0 vote. Nesmith thanked the lawmakers and said that Garcia Richard  has been particularly gracious and enthusiastic in her support, adding that Sen. Carlos Cisneros also spoke passionately Thursday in support of SM 15. Garcia Richard introduced HM 3, which passed the House last week with a 67-0 vote. Photo by Rick Carver
James Nesmith of Los Alamos thanks Sen. Richard Martinez Thursday at the State Capitol following the Senate’s unanamous vote to name a United States Naval submarine the USS Los Alamos. Photo by Rick Carver
Sen. William Payne, former Navy Seal and retired admiral, speaking eloquently about the significance of Los Alamos, its relationship with the Navy and the process of getting a ship named. His enthusiasm is said to have infected the entire senate, which passed the Memorial in a 43-0 vote Thursday. Photo by Rick Carver
Photo by Rick Carver