Seeking Data And Artifacts To Help Influence Legislator’s Votes To Fix Flawed Teacher Evaluation System

Barranca Mesa Elementary

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the parents, grandparents and community members who wrote letters of support for my appeal on the New Mexico Teacher evaluation. We are continuing to collect artifacts for this appeal process.

The 2017 New Mexico legislation session began Jan. 17 and concludes in February. During this session, legislators will review, create and vote on many educational bills. Chantielle Hansen (a Barranca parent) is working closely with Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard to present data and artifacts during the up coming session to help influence legislator’s votes on educational policies including the current teacher evaluation system. She is asking parents and teachers to help with this process by:

  • Helping her present collected materials to the legislator during the session;
  • Providing artifacts to present; and/or
  • Collecting/organizing artifacts and data.

The types of artifacts she is seeking could include letters from parents and students about how our Los Alamos teachers perform above and beyond what the current evaluation system rates them.

Details that could be included would be special field trip(s), science fair project(s), tutoring and help sessions, ways teachers have made students feel special (notes, phone calls, awards), after/before school clubs, examples of individualized or differentiated lessons (from a parent perspective how the teacher changed the normal instruction to help my child succeed), PTO/PTA support (like participation with fundraisers/attending meetings), types of home supports, ways teachers have helped parents, community service projects, how the teacher communicates with parents and students, and/or special activities in class.

Student letters have equal or greater value in this data collection process, as well as demonstrating to children how to influence legislation. Letters could be for one specific teacher or several teachers. Another type of artifact could be student’s work, portfolios and/or pictures.

Direct questions or offers to help in anyway to Hansen at as soon as possible. Please pass this message to as many as you can. Thanks for your help and support in ensuring the future of our educational system by protecting Los Alamos teachers.