Sec Sandoval Chalk Walk Draws Unique Pieces

Lynn Okimura of We Talk Chalk, a Los Angeles-based company specializing in chalk art that appears to be three-dimensional, sets up a piece at Ashley Pond during the Los Alamos Arts Council’s Sec Sandoval Chalk Walk Saturday morning at Ashley Pond. The majority of the piece was made prior to the event and is on canvas. The scene is made out of a combination of paint and chalk.Creating this image was a ‘team effort,’ Okimura explained. The image attempts to capture the essence of Los Alamos. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
The finished product. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
Los Alamos Arts Council Executive Director Marlane Hamilton and Board member Elena Sandoval construct banners for the Chalk Walk. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
Craig Carmer, left, and Sec Sandoval watch Carmer’s son Samuel take part in this year’s Chalk Walk. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
Chris Judson takes part in the Chalk Walk Saturday. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
David Daniel and Vivan Haigh, 3, create a colorful masterpiece. Photo by Kirsten Laskey
Jane Lin and Sevanna Swanson participate in the Chalk Walk Festival. Photo by Kirsten Laskey