Scott Hardy Rides to Raise Funds to Fight MS

Scott Hardy and his family prepare for the Pedal los Pueblos to be held this weekend. Courtesy photo


There’s still time to support a Los Alamos High School alumni as he prepares to ride in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Pedal los Pueblos this weekend.

Scott Hardy, son of Matt and Becky Hardy will ride hard Saturday and Sunday with his wife Selena Hardy (formerly Marroquin) assisting in the rest stops along the way. The two day, figure eight route through northern New Mexico, raises funds and awareness for the movement and makes new connections along the way.

Hardy was diagnosed with MS in 2008 after part of his body went numb and his vision became blurry following a car accident. Subsequent MRIs revealed tell-tale lesions on his spinal column.

That one day began a new commitment for Hardy.

“I started riding Bike MS the same year I was diagnosed,” he said. “Biking was already part of my life and it became more of an outlet for me as I grappled with a diagnosis that could be potentially devastating.”

Wife Selena, also a LAHS alumni rides with Hardy on many trips, but this year will find her in the roll of hostess.

“For us, Bike MS is a family event and this year my parents are even volunteering,” she said. “This will be my third year being a rest stop volunteer, which means we cheer on the riders and have snacks and water ready when they arrive. In two days, some of these people will be riding 150 miles.”

Hardy’s team would love to have donations or support from the sidelines.

“My teammates consist of family and friends who love to ride and have a good time,” Hardy said. “This year another cyclist riding with MS, Jorge Enriquez, and I started a training group for riders with MS called the MS All-Stars.”

Hardy considers the event as a party on wheels. The difference for most of us, is that this, “party” involves at least 36 miles of cycling as a minimum. The party starts Saturday morning at the Cities of Gold Casino in Pojoaque. Three hundred cyclers, 25 of whom are riding with a MS diagnosis, will begin the weekend trek.

“There are several route options ranging from 36 miles to 100 miles on Day 1 and 40 or 50 miles on Day 2,” Selena said. “Pedal los Pueblos is an incredibly well supported ride- which means there are rest stops about every 10 miles with bike mechanics and so many people there to help the riders succeed, stay safe, and reach their goal.”

To help the MS All-Stars meet their goal, visit and make a donation. The team page is