Science On Tap: Energy To Explore Deep Space

The On Tap discussion series presented by the Los Alamos Creative District has moved to Mondays!
Start your week off with interesting conversations and libations. This week join the Bradbury Science Museum and Patrick McClure for Science on Tap to learn about the energy needed to explore deep space, at 5:30 p.m. March 19 at UnQuarked, 145 Central Park Square.
Examining the universe, including other planets, requires a safe, compact, reliable, and durable power source that isn’t cost prohibitive. For applications where solar power isn’t feasible (like in deep space where there is little light), the Laboratory has helped pioneer a new KiloPower reactor for use in remote locations. Join us for this Science On Tap event when Patrick McClure, with the Lab’s Nuclear Engineering and Nonproliferation group, will explain how the team leveraged existing technology, like heat pipes and Stirling engines, to create a versatile power source currently undergoing testing. This Simpson’s-themed work (really, they use words like “KRUSTY” and “DUFF”) is open to learners of all ages.
More information about Science On Tap and other Bradbury Science Museum  programs and events can be found at and by following the Bradbury Science Museum on Facebook.
Science On Tap is sponsored by the Los Alamos Creative District and hosted by the Bradbury Science Museum. The On Tap series begins each evening with an informal 10-15 minute lecture followed by a lively group discussion. All ages are welcome! On Tap is a way for people to get out and about in the community, learn something new, and meet people with similar interests. The “On Tap” series happens twice a month. The discussions are supported by Bradbury Science Museum, Fuller Lodge Art Center, Los Alamos Historical Society and PEEC at The Nature Center.