Science and Theology of Big Bang Subject of Talk at United Church Wednesday

Spirituality News:

In a 20 minute presentation, Ed Fenimore and Laurie Triplett will talk about the science and theology of the Big Bang, 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, June 25 at United Church in Craig Hall, 2525 Canyon Road in Los Alamos.

Fenimore will present what science says (and does not say) about the physics of the Big Bang. His approach is to assume that everyone in the room has some science background but are not experts in astrophysics. Therefore, he will not be discussing the impact of the recent BICEP2 paper on the primordial B-mode polarization. If you have no idea what that last sentence meant, this presentation is meant for you!

Triplett will present her view of what theology says (and doesn’t say) about the big bang. Her approach is to assume that everyone in the room has some experience wondering about the theological implications of the beginning of the universe, but are not experts in analyzing any particular faith’s traditional stories of the beginning of the universe.

They do not intend to solve every conceivable question that anyone has ever had on the science or theology of the Big Bang. However, they believe that many theologians and scientists “think better with friends.”

They hope to inspire the participants to talk in small groups (for about an hour) about how they see the science and theology of the big bang. The purpose of the discussion is not so the problem can be “solved” or so anyone’s mind can be changed. The hope is that talking about it with friends with help each person have more ideas for thinking about the issue for themselves.

For more information, call Laura McClellan at 505.412.9427, call the United Church office at 505.662.2971 or check out the FaceBook group “Seeking Truth in Science and Faith in Los Alamos.”

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