School Board Has Full Agenda For Aug. 8 Meeting

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos School Board will hold a Regular School Board Meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday Aug. 11 at the Administration Building School Board Room, 2101 Trinity Drive.

The agenda includes:

  • Recognition by the Board of Kate Kettering, Los Alamos High School Nurse awarded the Excellence in Nursing Practice Merit Award presented July 15 by the NM School Nurse Association
  • Aspen Easement Report
  • Modrall Law Firm and RBC Updated Finance Plan – presented by Lisa Montoya and Modrall Law Firm  
  • Reach Toward Not Away – presented by Rachel Reynolds
  • Student Liaison to the School Board – presented by Jennifer McCumber
  • Educational Plan for School Year 2015-16 from Los Alamos National Laboratory – presented by Carol Rutten and Janelle Vigil-Maestas
  • Revised School Calendar for 2015-16 – presented by Pam Miller
  • Curriculum and Assessment Report – presented by Pam Miller
  • Public Education Department (PED) Review of student assessment practices
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) lab at UNM-LA – presented by Lisa Wismer       
  • Suggested calendar for community meetings about future school construction – presented by Kurt Steinhaus and Joanie Ahlers         
  • Master Ground Lease Agreement – presented by Joan Ahlers
  • Mental Health Design Team – presented by Diane Delgado
  • Finance Committee Report – presented by Lisa Montoya
  • Los Alamos County and Public Schools Executive Leadership meetings – presented by Kurt Steinhaus
  • Back to School Web Page – presented by Kurt Steinhaus
  • Blue Coat Contract for content filter – presented by Joan Ahlers.