SCHIFERL: Success Was Not Mine Alone; I Owe Thanks To Many People

Newly Elected UNM-LA Board Member
Los Alamos

Tesday was my first run as a candidate. Success was not mine alone; I owe thanks to many people:

First, thank you to my tireless campaign team.

Thank you to all the people we met, by phone and canvassing the town, for their advice, their participation, and their hospitality.

Thank you to the people who shared their experiences on school and college boards.

Thank you also to the people who brought us non-UNM-LA problems (including several potential hazards to children). We have contacted appropriate authorities to start the processes of getting things fixed, and will follow up. You are all my constituents, win or lose.

Finally, a big thank you to the ever-gracious James Robinson. I’m proud to have joined him in bringing a positive and educational tone to the campaign.  Moreover, James’s leadership in passing the mil levy will lead to a better future for UNM-LA, where many more things are now possible.

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