Scenes Of Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club Open Range Day

Noah Vogel, left, and Jake Tierney receive instructions on firearm safety and use of the shotgun on the ATA Trap range from Certified Range Master Richard Anderson before they take their turn at trap shooting Saturday morning at the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club in Rendija Canyon. As a public service, the Club offered a day where folks can bring their own firearms or use Club firearms to learn safe handling and shooting to become familiar with the operation and proper cleaning and storage of firearms, under the supervision of a certified NRA instructor. In addition, the Club offers certified basic rifle, pistol and shotgun courses and archery instruction through the year. Photo by John McHale/

Pam Collins is receiving instruction from Certified Range Master and Woman’s Pistol Chairperson Caroline Spaeth on the pistol range. Photo by John McHale/

Father and son day at the range as Mike Ham gets special instruction from his father Fin Ham in the use of a small caliber machine gun. Photo by John McHale/

A very special day for Kasia Pasulka as she gets to use the family heirloom – 303 Enfield rifle – as her brother Nic waits his turn. Photo by John McHale/

Samantha Cartwright from Ponderosa Firearms in Albuquerque demonstrates the small caliber machine gun as empty casings fly through the air. Ponderosa Firearms provided the machine gun and ammunition for the Open Range Day. Photo by John McHale/

Lots of different firearms available to try out with proper instruction and supervision. Photo by John McHale/