Scenes From Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club Open Range Day 2021

During Open Range Day 2021 held Sunday at the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club, the public was invited to use their own firearms or try out firearms provided by the Club at the facility. Here a visitor is firing a vintage military weapon as his son looks on. All participants must wear ear and eye protection while at the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club on Range Road in Rendija Canyon. Photo by John McHale/

Shooting skeet at the shotgun range. Photo by John McHale/

Gene Nixon takes aim at a target with his top-notch compound bow in the archery range during Open Range Day held Sunday at the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club. Photo by John McHale/

Public Relations Chair
Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club

Sunday, Sept. 26 was the Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club Annual Open Range Day, when both members
and non-members are invited to see the full range of shooting sports activities available at the local
club. Many local residents took the opportunity to do so, while availing themselves of locally produced
BBQ, a machine gun shoot, and several dozen club volunteers willing to work with the curious!

The Los Alamos Sportsman’s Club is a 501.c4 nonprofit where you can find two full archery ranges, a rifle
range with sheltered benchrests and targets ranging out to 300 yards, trap, skeet, and both indoor and
outdoor pistol ranges. There is a clubhouse that can be used for meetings and training sessions. Not to
mention, you can also find approximately 1100 outgoing club members and numerous certified trainers
and firearms instructors.

Many club members, both certified range instructors and enthusiasts, were present at each of the various firing stations to talk to non-members and assist those who wished to try out their own weapons or those provided by club members as learning tools.

In addition to pure fun, the club provides support for youth shooting and archery activities sponsored by
organizations including Scouts, 4H, and the LA Schools high school club. There are women’s specific
shooting activities. Hunting enthusiasts can prep firearms and bows while those primarily interested in
shooting sports for the sport’s sake can partake of competitive shooting as well as just a relaxing day at
the range.

For those interested in developing a plan of armed self-defense, the club hosts regular International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and USPSA (U.S. Practical Shooting Assn) competitive shooting matches and concealed carry classes. The Los Alamos Police Dept. as well as a number of other local and Federal law enforcement organizations use the range to hone their firearms proficiency.

For those who are less familiar with firearms or who are first time buyers, the club, via members who
are instructors, provides basic pistol classes for those who wish to introduce themselves to the safe
handling of handguns.

Several club members are state-certified concealed carry instructors who often work out of the range facilities and can assist in obtaining a concealed carry license by providing the 15-hour required classroom training and shooting proficiency exam (these classes are privately taught and are not a club-run activity.)

A hallmark of safe, responsible firearms ownership is participation in a gun culture where safety, legal
requirements, and proficiency are all routinely discussed in a friendly, non-confrontational atmosphere.
Another hallmark of gun culture is the camaraderie shared by shooting enthusiasts. The Los Alamos
Sportsman’s Club promotes these safe three principles.

Regardless of whether you attended Open Range Day or just want more details, including contact
information and a calendar of events, check out the club webpage.

The always popular machine guns were on site for the public to tryout. Vender Nick Barry of Armament USA, 505.417.1503, provides the machine guns and ammunition at no cost the participants or the Club. He is demonstrating a 249 Saw fully automatic weapon to a participant. Photo by John McHale/

The club also has an indoor range for year round usage. Photo by John McHale/

The 249 Saw Machine Gun in action as empty cartages fly through the air. Photo by John McHale/

Action at the pistol range. Photo by John McHale/

Community members get in some practice during Open Range Day. Photo by John McHale/

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