Scenes From Gifted Horse & Lemonade Living Ranch Camp

Lemonade Living and the Gifted Horse held Ranch Camp Thursday at the Lujan Historic Cabin at the North Mesa Stables. Lemonade Living founder Melissa Arias lets students get acquainted with Goldie in preparation for milking the small goat. Learn more here. Photo by John McHale/

Ranch Campers discover that goats are friendly and loveable. Lemonade Living is a non-profit in Los Alamos that helps people with developmental disabilities and special needs to have more fulfilling lives. Photo by John McHale/

Lemonade Living Director Melissa Arias gives a presentation on Goat Showmanship to Rannh Campers at Dianne Wilburn’s lot. Photo by John McHale/

Ranch Camper Annabella DeBurgomaster tries her hand at milking Goldie. Photo by John McHale/