Scenes From 2021 Los Alamos Police Safety Town Program

Check-in starts early for the young participants enrolled in LAPD’s 2021 Safety Town program ahead of a full day of activities June 9 at Los Alamos Middle School. Photo by John McHale/

Safety Town includes classroom activities. Photo by John McHale/

Cpl. James Keane explains that red means stop on the white line. Photo by John McHale/

Staff Report

This year Los Alamos County’s child safety program, Safety Town, was held the week of June 7 at Los Alamos Middle School. 

Safety Town is a free one-week program open to children entering Kindergarten in Fall that culminates in a graduation ceremony for all participants.

Each day is filled with hands-on activities, crafts, interactions with safety personnel, and safety situations to give each student preparing to enter Kindergarten the opportunity to prepare for potential hazards they may face in the school environment as well as in their neighborhoods and communities.

Safety Town’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students entering Kindergarten to learn about safety in their school, community and neighborhood. Students learn strategies to keep themselves safe and have opportunities to practice basic safety procedures in new situations:

  • Fire Safety;
  • Bicycle Safety;
  • Animal Safety;
  • Gun Safety;
  • Stranger Safety;
  • Pedestrian Safety;
  • Bus Safety;
  • Water Safety; and
  • Drug Safety. 

Safety Town’s goal is to give each child an opportunity to:

  • Engage in safety activities that build their self-confidence at school, in the community, and at home;
  • Teach them the skills to respond to emergencies and who to contact;
  • Identify and avoid hazards at home, school, and in the community;
  • Be prepared when out utilizing the trails, open spaces and parks should they encounter wild or domestic animals; and
  • Have fun in a safe, well-supervised, environment.

Safety Town staff consists of LAPD officers and team members, LAFD firefighters, Atomic City Transit Drivers, LAPS school bus drivers, volunteers from community organizations, and Los Alamos Public School staff and team members.

Each day different members of these teams present different subjects. Some of the “staff” may be furry friends who join Safety Town to be involved in the discussion on “Animal Awareness and Safety.”

Children have fun learning about day-to-day safety tips and get the opportunity to get up close and hands-on in a police vehicle and fire truck. Children also learn how to call 911 for help, how to approach safe community adults if they are lost or hurt, and how to ride on school and county buses.

To learn more, visit the LAPD website here.

Green means go. Photo by John McHale/

Cpl. James Keane is a pedestrian in the crosswalk, and he explains that the pedestrian has the right-of-way and traffic must yield. Photo by John McHale/

Sgt. Chris Ross shows off LAPD’s robot and the things it can do that an officer cannot do safely. Photo by John McHale/

Safety Town participants get a closer look at the robot. Photo by John McHale/ 

Victor Flares demonstrates various techniques with his partner Monty. Photo by John McHale/

Activity in the kitchen at LAMS as staff prepares lunches for participants in the Safety Town program. Photo by John McHale/