Ruby K’s Launches Renovation Project to Enhance Seating Comfort, Expedite Service

From left, interior designer Misha Peterson, Ruby K’s new operations manager Melissa Schmidt, owner Ruby Alexander and architect Steven G. Shaw. Photo by TK Thompson/

By Mandy Marksteiner

In August, Ruby K’s Bagel Café will begin renovations designed to enhance daily operations at the popular eatery.

Los Alamos architect Steven G. Shaw and interior designer Misha Peterson are working together to make it easier for customers and staff to move around in the restaurant.

“We’ll also start serving cupcakes, other bakery item and grab and go sandwiches and salads,” owner Ruby Alexander said.

Photo by TK Thompson/

Plans include eliminating the wall that juts into the dining room to create a new entrance, add a grab and go express line and increase the number of cash registers.  

The goal is to please both types of customers; people who are in a hurry and people who want to stay and relax.

“She can accommodate people who are in a hurry,” Shaw said. “If you don’t want fast, you can go, order and someone will bring your food to you.”

Peterson plans to use raw elements, natural materials and textured surfaces, like butcher blocks, to transform the space into a gourmet setting by appealing to all of the senses. 

“Ruby K’s is an enjoyable and happy place for most people, but it’s also crowded, she said. “By adding more space to the dining area, it will feel more comfortable and people will want to socialize and stay longer.”

Photo by TK Thompson/

Peterson has a background in lighting design and commercial and residential hospitality.

She has a degree in design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division, and in October will become the Membership Director of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Shaw designed the new Dixie Girl Restaurant and is involved in several design projects in downtown Los Alamos.

“I think the customers will be excited,” Peterson said. “I was born and raised in Los Alamos. Young families will really appreciate a fresh take on an established business.”

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