RPNM On New Mexico Supreme Court Allowing Illegal Aliens To Practice Law

From the New Mexico of New Mexico:

ALBUQUERQUE — In an egregious action, the New Mexico Supreme Court has revised the rules for admission of lawyers to the State Bar, permitting illegal aliens to practice law in the state.

The Court has removed the citizenship requirement, allowing undocumented workers to become licensed lawyers in New Mexico.

Here is the link to the changed rule that would allow any person – despite immigration status – to be admitted to the State Bar. 

This is a rash and questionable decision by the high court, and the Court also didn’t follow the traditional process to seek public comment before amending the rule.

The following is a statement from RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce on the Supreme Court’s action: 

“The Supreme Court is responsible for this atrocious action. The Court, without proper procedure and without public input, amended the rule. That’s appalling. Anyone regardless of immigration status will be entitled to seek admission to the State Bar in order to practice law in New Mexico. This is a reckless decision. New Mexico’s high court has become authoritarian and appears to be operating outside the limits of its power. This latest rule will open our borders even more, and the Court seems to relish making arbitrary decisions without thinking about consequences. This Court has gotten out of control, and it believes it can do whatever it wants. This is why it’s imperative that this fall we elect conservatives to the Supreme Court.”

The amended rule will take effect Oct. 1, 2022.


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