Roger Wiens Guest Speaker At MOWW Annual Picnic July 20

MOWW News:

The Military Order of World Wars (MOWW) monthly meeting is Tuesday, July 20 and is the organization’s annual picnic.

The meeting and picnic will be held in the Los Alamos County Sheriff’s Posse Lodge on North Mesa.

Dr. Roger Wiens is the guest speaker. Dr. Wiens is the leader of the SuperCam laser instrument on the Perseverance rover that landed on Mars in 2021.

This instrument has the rover’s highest resolution remote imager, a microphone, and infrared and laser techniques. His team includes French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Canadian and US participation.

Dr. Wiens also is a co-investigator on the SHERLOC instrument on the rover’s arm. Previously, he was the leader of ChemCam on the Curiosity rover (;, which landed in 2012 and is still operating. Dr. Wiens has been involved in other NASA robotic missions as well. He was responsible for three instruments for NASA’s Genesis mission and he acted in the capacity of Flight Payload Lead.

This mission was the first to return to Earth from nearly a million miles beyond the Moon, when it landed in 2004 with solar-wind samples that revealed exciting details about the composition of the Sun. Wiens’ other missions include Stardust, Mars Odyssey, Lunar Prospector, and Deep Space-One. The destinations for these missions include the Moon, Mars and comets.

Please contact Vernon Haywood 505.661.4192 promptly with your dinner reservation. See you there.

Note the change in location is for this month only. The Posse Lodge is on North Mesa Road. Take Diamond Drive east through the Golf Course and straight through the traffic circle and up the hill. Follow the road around for about 1 mile. The lodge is on the left and there is parking on both sides of the street.

The meeting will begin with a social period at 6 p.m. followed by a brief business meeting. At 6:25 p.m., dinner and at about 7:15 p.m. the the presentation will begin.

The Military Order of the World Wars dinner meetings are open to interested citizens for the dinner and program with RSVP, or the program only at no cost. The cost of the dinner is $25 per person. Please call Vernon Haywood, 505.661.4192 for reservations.

A reservation is a commitment to pay. Dinner is scheduled to be Smokin Bear BBQ with appropriate sides.

Act of Congress chartered the Military Order of the World Wars in 1919 as a national patriotic organization. The principal objectives of the MOWW are continuing service to the Nation, and patriotic educational opportunity for the nation’s youth and citizens. Current youth programs are focused upon annual Youth Leadership Conferences for high school students presented in New Mexico by its related Sunbelt Patriotic Youth Leadership Conferences, Inc. Current, former and retired federally commissioned officers of all branches of the United States Uniformed Services are eligible for membership in the MOWW and are especially invited to attend our meetings.

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