Robinson: I Would Be Truly Humbled If You Cast Your Vote For Me For UNM-LA Board Position 5 Tuesday

UNM-LA Advisory Board Position 5

It hardly seems true, but Tuesday the polls open, and yet again, Los Alamos votes.

Elections are nothing new to me; I have had the honor of serving multiple elected positions over the past few years. My journey started when I first attended UNM-LA for three years, transferring to UNM and graduating shortly after with a Bachelor in Business. I then returned to Los Alamos to work for LANL, who I have been with for over eight years. I became fully invested in Los Alamos’ future when I purchased my first house two years ago. I have been more driven then ever to not only help give back what little I can to UNM, but to be a voice in the community for the student body and youth of Los Alamos. Being on the UNM-LA Advisory Board, is a four-year commitment that I have been more then ready for.

My political past will show that I am driven and fight for what I believe in. While I have continued to reach my goals of being on the UNM-LA Advisory Board, I have been busy winning campaigns for UNM-LA. I helped streamline the success of the Mil Levy. Through the campaign I partnered with my former teachers, current Advisory Board members, and other acquaintances from UNM-LA, showing Los Alamos how great of a treasure the university truly is. My efforts in guiding the campaign strategy, developing campaign material, and creating social media accounts and websites, were a major reason for such a successful win. From the beginning, I have been dedicated to the passing of the mil levy. 

Over the past few months I have had the privilege of working with UNM-LA CEO Dr. Cindy Rooney and her staff. She has given me more of an understanding and knowledge about UNM-LA, one that I was not exposed to as a student. This has allowed me to fully understand UNM-LA from the inside out. Members of the advisory board must be well rounded, responsible, and have a self worth within Los Alamos. The finances of Los Alamos were put in my hands by the passing of the mil levy; and as a board member it would be my top responsibility to see Los Alamos see a great return on their investment.

If elected Tuesday, I would like to spend my time strengthening the board for a bright journey into the future. Once the mil levy funds are available, I would like to work with Dr. Rooney and her staff to begin filling the key positions that have either been lost, or gone unoccupied for the last few years. Then, I would bring solvency to existing programs like Dual Credit. The opportunity for high school students to complete college level classes for both high school and college credit is an amazing program. Due to the state funding, the program falls into a category that is close to no longer being funded. Because of the lack in funding, UNM-LA loses funds for other programs and is in fear of losing the ability to help high school students. It is essential that this program be stabilized, not only for the good of UNM-LA but also the community.

I would also like to see programs like the Community Internship Collaboration expanded. Programs like the CIC provide students with real world work experience, and help local business owners, by providing high quality interns. Throughout the mil levy, I was fortunate to hear many success stories from the CIC program, and would like to see that work continue and expand. Should funding improve, I would like to work with UNM-LA to expand into different craft education like auto mechanics, welding, electrical and plumbing. Demand for these crafts is high, but the opportunity for these programs is low. Programs like these could satisfy this demand and provide the non-traditional student the opportunity to continue their education.

Finally, I want to bring a student voice to the board. As a member, I would like to once again interact and participate with the student government and Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I’d also like to visit the classes and talk to the students. I believe my age and recent experience with classes will allow me to get the unique student perspective of the staff and faculties initiatives.

As you take to the polls Tuesday, I would be truly humbled if you would give me your confidence by casting your vote for me.

My name is James Robinson, and I am running for Position 5 of the UNMLA Advisory Board.