Rio Grande Trail Commission To Study Corridor For 500-Mile Rio Grande Trail

That rock that was in the middle of the Blue Dot Trail isn’t there anymore. In fact, the trail is in great shape from rim to river, and March and April are the best time to take a walk in White Rock Canyon. Photo/Text by Craig Martin



The 2015 Legislature passed a bill, HB 563, creating a Rio Grande Trail Commission to study a corridor for the proposed Rio Grande Trail. The 500-mile trail would extend from the Colorado to Texas borders using existing trails and creating new ones.

Never mentioned in the proposal is the existing Los Alamos County River Trail. The trail parallels the Rio Grande on County Open Space for about five miles, extending from the northern county boundary to the Department of Energy’s White Rock Canyon Preserve at Water Canyon. Sections of the trail need improvement, but it is a very scenic walk that could be an important connection in a larger trail project.

You can find information about the trail as part of the Dot-to-Dot Trail loop at:…/tr…/Pages/BlueDotRedDotLoop.aspx.

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