Results From RPNM State Pre-Primary Convention Saturday

The Republican Party of Los Alamos was represented at the State Pre-Primary Convention, from left, Clyde Jaeger, Joshua Muck, Dianne Coane, 2nd Vice Chair Paul Jaramillo, Chairman Bill McKerley, LAFRW President Shona Neff, Treasurer Gary Stradling, Heather Muck and David Reagor. Courtesy/GOP

GOP News:
ALBUQUERQUE – More than 800 Republicans from around New Mexico took part in the State Pre-Primary Convention Saturday at the Hotel Albuquerque.

Delegates had been elected from their counties to attend the Convention, and they selected federal candidates for New Mexico’s June 2 Primary Election.

The votes capped an exciting State Pre-Primary Convention steered by Convention Chair and former Party Chair John Billingsley and current Party Chair Steve Pearce. The Convention included speeches by all 16 candidates seeking the open U.S. Senate and three Congressional District seats.

Voters decided that two candidates from each federal race will be on the Republican Primary slate.

In the U.S. Senate race, Elisa Martinez received the most votes and will be in the top ballot position. Mark Ronchetti received the second most votes and also will be on the ballot.

In the 1st Congressional District race, Michelle Garcia Holmes got the most votes and will top the ballot position. She’ll be on the ballot with Jared Vander Dussen.

In the 2nd Congressional District race, Yvette Herrell will top the ballot followed by Claire Chase.

In the 3rd Congressional District race, Harry Montoya received the most votes and will take the top ballot position. Karen Bedonie also will be on the ballot.

To get on the Primary Ballot, candidates must receive 20 percent of the vote. If they receive less, they may elect to get signatures to try to qualify to get on the Primary ballot.

“This has been a magnificent Convention,” said Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce. “Enthusiasm is sky-high in our Party. We are on a mission to turn New Mexico red this fall, and there’s lots of excitement, strength and unity in our Party right now. It’s thrilling. Our selected candidates for federal offices are highly qualified, diverse and adhere to conservative principles. There’s a real energy among Republicans right now all over New Mexico.”

Here’s a look at the voting results:

U.S. Senate

  • Elisa Martinez 241 On ballot
  • Mark Ronchetti 198 On ballot
  • Louie Sanchez 113
  • Mick Rich 72
  • Gavin Clarkson 66

CD 1

  • Michelle Garcia Holmes 135 On Ballot
  • Jared Vander Dussen 64 On Ballot
  • Brett Kokinadis 14

CD 2

  • Yvette Herrell 168 On Ballot
  • Claire Chase 83 On Ballot
  • Chris Mathys 3

CD 3

  • Harry Montoya 86 On Ballot
  • Karen  Bedonie 69 On Ballot
  • ​Anise Golden-Morper​ 39
  • Alexis Johnson 25
  • Audra Brown 4
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