Reservoir And Access Road Closed To Public Monday

Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir. Courtesy/LANL


Pedestrian access to the Los Alamos Canyon Reservoir and surrounding areas west of the Ice Rink off West Road, will be closed Monday, Jan. 8 through the summer of 2018.

The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities will construct a new 10-inch non-potable water pipeline from the reservoir along the reservoir access road and connect to the townsite’s non-potable water system.

Department officials warn that construction crews with heavy equipment will be utilizing and working on the single dirt road rendering it and the surrounding area unsafe for hikers and cyclists. Signage is posted to indicate closure due to construction at the entrance of the access road. Construction will continue into the winter as long as weather allows, likely with a winter work suspension. Work will resume in April 2018 when weather permits, and it is expected be completed by summer of 2018.

This pipeline replaces the original pipeline destroyed in 2013 by floods resulting from the watershed damaged by the Cerro Grande and Las Conchas wildfires. The new pipeline will convey non-potable water to Los Alamos to irrigate County parks and school fields, which will offset the use of potable water for irrigation, thus conserving drinking water in the regional aquifer.

For additional information, citizens can call the Department at 505.662.8333 or send an email to

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