Rep. Jim Hall Meets Property Owners

By Dist. 43 Rep. Jim Hall

I attended two Sierra Los Pinos meetings Sept. 8. 

The first meeting discussed upgrades to the Sierra Los Pinos water system.  

The Association is proposing an upgrade to the system to meter individual properties (now unmetered) and a special assessment to defray the cost. 

There were numerous questions from the audience about the installation process, short and long term costs, and expected benefits. 

Meeting participants seemed favorable, but approval will require a two thirds “yes” vote with at least 60 percent of the owners voting. 

The SLPPOA annual meeting was the second meeting. It covered all Association business—budget, roads, water, legal, fire protection, and board elections. 

Forest service personnel, Linda Riddle and Todd Lerke, and I presented on forest conditions as part of the fire protection section. 

My presentation was a high level overview of current forestry science in Ponderosa pine forests of the Southwest.  

Mr. Lerke presented on fire control and forest remediation activities in the Jemez District. The district spent more than $1.6 million on fire suppression and district monitoring during our hot, dry June. 

There were more than 150 campfires discovered in violation of the “no fire” rules—many unattended—as well as many small fires caused by lightening and other causes—the largest burned more than 600 acres and was only brought under control by prompt action. 

The district now has a significant forest remediation program underway. However, it cannot be sufficient to remedy 100 years of forest deterioration. 

If we don’t have a significant fire next year it will be either because of a wet spring or luck or both.

Finally, a word about the SLPPOA. The level of volunteer effort by community members is impressive and very positive. 

There is clearly a strong community spirit that is reflected in the willingness of community members to dedicate their time to maintaining and improving their community.

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