Rep. Garcia Richard Speaks Out For Teachers

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard speaking at Monday’s rally for teachers in front of the Roundhouse. Courtesy photo


  • Watch video of today’s press conference with Rep. Garcia Richard here.

SANTA FE – Throughout Monday and Tuesday evenings, House members took up debate on House Bill 76, the teacher licensure bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Dennis Roch.

During Monday’s hearing, Democratic Rep. Stephanie Maez offered the Fair Pay of Teachers amendment to guarantee all New Mexico teachers receive a $10,000 raise.

Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard speaking at today’s press conference. ScreenShot/LADP

House Republicans joined Democrats in supporting the amendment but the bipartisanship effort came to a halt when House Republicans opted to substitute a different version of the bill that stripes teachers of the agreed upon raise, institutes merit pay and promotes more standardize testing.

After refusing to allow additional debate on the bill substitute, House Democrats walked out of the hearing, forcing Republicans to pass the bill (37-0) without the presence of their Democratic counterparts. 

“Last night’s 11th hour antics by House Republicans to dismantle a bipartisan piece of legislation that addressed shortcomings in New Mexico’s education system and teacher pay, is a disservice to teachers and New Mexico families,” Democratic Stephanie Garcia Richard said. “Our public education system is under attack and yesterday proved House Republicans are willing to undermine the political process and force unfavorable policies that will further diminish our schools and teachers’ capacity for success.”

For more information on this issue, call Garcia Richard at 505.500.4343.

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