Reconciliation Ceremony Marks Anniversary of Hiroshima

Los Alamos students participate in today’s Peace Ceremony at Fuller Lodge Art Center marking the anniversary of Hiroshima. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Students were asked to turn out and look at the adults as part of today’s ceremony. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report

Students joined adults at a reconciliation ceremony and reception at Fuller Lodge Art Center commemorating today’s anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan.

The Peace’s New Century Project is a collaboration between Betsie Miller-Kusz of the Jemez Valley and Masaru Tanaka of Hiroshima, Japan spanning 14 years. It has been an exchange between Betsie Miller-Kusz, an artist born in Los Alamos where her father was a young graduate student working on the Manhattan Project, and Masaru Tanaka, a photographer whose father was burned as a four-year-old, when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Both artists were present at today’s ceremony. They met in San Francisco and began their project in 1999, collaging Tanaka’s photographs with Miller-Kusz’s paintings of an earth protector spirit. The resulting digital images have been shown widely in Asia and America, including the War Memorial Building in San Francisco, the Mirasaka Peace Museum in Hiroshima and the United Nations in New York.

There also is an exhibit in the Portal Gallery at Fuller Lodge Art Center of the works of Los Alamos High School students focused on peace. Some of the students spoke about their art work during today’s ceremony.

The group forms a large circle and participates in peace chants outside Fuller Lodge. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

A series of speakers spoke about Hiroshima and their art work created as part of the Peace’s New Century Project. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

The origami crane has become an international symbol of peace and was in abundance at today’s ceremony at the Art Center at Fuller Lodge. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Executive Director Ken Nebel of Fuller Lodge Art Center listens to musicians perform at this afternoon’s Peace Ceremony. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Jami Sieber performs on electric cello and Jae Agu on singing bowls. Photo by Carol A. Clark/






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