Rancho de San Juan Closing

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This morning the Los Alamos Daily Post received word that Rancho de San Juan Resort and Restaurant on the road to the Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, is closing its doors Oct. 12.

Letter informing of the closure:

To: Our close and good friends,

We would really like to tell you this news in person, but as we are all in different places it makes that impossible ( thus the e-mail).

We have recently had to make a very hard decision and have decided to retire from the inn and restaurant business. As you may or may not know, the last five years have been an extremely stressful time for us both, due to the care we needed to provided for Stella (John’s mom), our own mature ages 70 and 66 respectfully, and the addition of a failing economy in this and other industries. We have been forced to apply every financial benefit we may have had to keep the Rancho de San Juan open and do our best to meet our obligations.

As we can no longer maintain the inn and restaurant to the standard it needs or we require, it is best to cease operations at the end of the Backroads tours (which this year were only five as seven tours were cancelled this spring due to their lack of business ). The season ends October 12th.

We are preparing a management proposal of services we hope to offer to condo owners who want to rent out their condos in the future. As we will be on the property most of the time, we can supervise any rental needs if there is an interest by the owners.

We have enjoyed our dream and creation for the past eighteen years we have been in business and the many lasting friendships we have developed during that time, with both our condo owners and other guests, and we hope to continue these bonds for years to come.

All the best for what the future holds,

David & John


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