Quality Of Education Survey Reflects High Confidence In Los Alamos Schools

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos Public Schools 2015-2016 Quality of Education Survey results reflect high levels of confidence in key areas that impact student learning and student well being.

For the last five years, the top three survey questions were consistently at the top of the list. The area of highest satisfaction, schools holding high expectations for academic achievement, focuses on student learning has been #1 for the previous four years.

Participation in the annual survey also is at an all time high. Last spring 929 surveys were submitted across all schools. This was an increase from the previous year when 232 surveys were completed. It also is the highest participation rate since 2007-2008 when 321 surveys were completed.

The top five areas of satisfaction include:


 Strongly    Agree/Agree

 Survey Question

 Strategic Plan

 Focus Area


 96 percent

 My child’s school holds high expectations for academic achievement.

 Student Learning

 Teacher and Staff Well-Being  and Excellence


 93 percent

 My child is safe at school.

 Student Well-Being


 93 percent

 The school offers adequate up to date computers and technology.

Integrated Technology



 92 percent

 My child’s teacher provides sufficient and  appropriate information regarding my child’s  academic progress.

 Communications and  Collaborations


 88 percent

 School personnel encourage me to participate in my child’s education.

 Communications and  Collaborations

All five areas showed annual steady gains over the recent five years as indicated by strongly agree and agree response rates. Gains from 2011-2012 to 2015-2016, ranged from 8.14 percent to 20.91 percent. The highest increases were in questions 4 and 5 that align to Communications and Collaborations within the LAPS Strategic Plan.

The Quality of Education Survey is an annual survey conducted in partnership with the PED that allows parents the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on their child’s education. The first 10 questions are developed by PED and the School Board and the school sites develop remaining questions. Last year, LAPS aligned the questions to the eight Focus Areas within the Strategic Plan. Over the next month, LAPS will finalize the questions for the 2016-2017 survey that will be available in the spring of 2017. LAPS is interested in hearing how they are doing and community participation in the annual survey provides the District with valuable input.


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