CCNM: Q & A About Voting In June 2 Primary Election

CCNM News:

The upcoming June Primary has left many voters with questions about how to cast their ballot safely.

The Covid-19 pandemic should not deter voters from making their voices heard. Absentee balloting is the safest, surest way of participating in the upcoming election.

But there are other avenues as well. Here are a few of the questions Common Cause has heard about voting, along with some answers for your viewers, readers and listeners.

What Should I Do if I have Not Received the absentee ballot I requested ?

If you have not received a ballot within a week of applying for one, you can track your ballot, like you can a package by going to… or call 505-243-VOTE (8683) If you have not received a ballot by the week before the election (Tuesday June 2) contact your County Clerk. Find your clerk here

What is the latest that absentee ballots can be received in order to be counted?

Ballots must be received by polling officials by 7 p.m. on election day, June 2. Just having your absentee ballot postmarked by that date is not enough. If you are in doubt, deliver the absentee ballot to an early voting site, to an election day polling place or your county clerk’s office. If you are sick or unable to leave the house, you can have an immediate family member or care giver deliver the ballot.

How do I fill out my Absentee Ballot?

A yellow instruction sheet is included in the envelope which contains the absentee ballot.

  • Fill in the ovals on the ballot to the left of the name of the person you want to vote for
  • Fold the ballot and place it in the inner envelope and seal the inner envelope
  • Place the inner envelope into the outer envelope, which has the address of the clerk’s office on the front
  • Enter the required information on the back of the outer envelope. Be sure to…
  • Sign your name as registered and print it below the signature, along with the year of your birth in the space provided.
  • Seal the outer envelope and place in mailbox. The postage is paid for.

Can I vote if I have not registered?

Yes, you can register at any early voting location and vote at the same time through May 30. Contact your county clerk to see where you can register in your county. You will need your social security number, date of birth, NM driver’s license or state-issued identification, or any document that shows your address along with a photo id, or a student photo ID document that shows your address.

Is Early Voting Still Available?

Yes. Early Voting starts May 16 and ends May 30.

How do I find out where the nearest early voting site is? If I miss early voting how do I know where polling places are on election day?

If you have internet access , you can use this link to plug in your address and find the nearest polling place for both early and election day voting.

Or you can go to your county clerk’s web site (find it here.)

How do I know that my polling place is safe?

The state has ordered polling places and poll workers to observe social distancing measures. Polling places shall accommodate no more than 20% of the buildings maximum occupancy (as determined by fire marshal) or 4 people at a time. Mobile voting units are limited to 2 voters at a time. Voting stations, tables, machines and writing utensils will be regularly cleaned. Poll workers will make sure that voters in line outside the polling place are 6 ft. apart. These requirements are spelled out in an order from the Governor April 30, 2020. Wear a mask.

What do I do if I make a mistake on my absentee ballot? How can I correct it?

Contact your county clerk. You will be issued a replacement ballot. Or you can obtain a replacement ballot at an early voting or election day polling location.

Can I vote in the Primary Election if I have not registered as a Democrat or a Republican?

No. Under our current closed primary system you must be registered with a major political party and can vote in that party’s primary only. This year Libertarian is a major party as well as Republican and Democrat.

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