Public Comment is Underway

Joy Beery is first to be called up to speak as public comment begins this evening. Beery is speaking in support of the White Rock Civic Center. Photo by Carol A.

Reid Griffith speaks in support of the Golf Course project. Photo by Carol A.

Students advocate for Nature Center along with the Teen Center and Pool. Photo by Carol A.

Local youth speak in support of the Teen Center. Photo by Carol A.

Residents listen to their neighbors address Council during public comment in support of various projects under consideration for funding. Photo by Carol A.

Katy Korkos speaks on behalf of the White Rock Civic Center adding that she feels for the Council on its difficult decision in selecting projects to fund this evening becuase when she ranked her top five – they totalled more than $40 million. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Denise Lane, surrounded by Sherwood Village business owners spoke in support for the White Rock Civic Center. Photo by Carol A.

Greg Kendall presents a bottle of murky water from Ashley Pond to the Council as he speaks in favor of the Ashley Pond Improvement project. Council and the audience laughed at the light-hearted gesture. Photo by Carol A.

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