‘Pitch Perfect’ – A Perfect Melody of Laughter and Fun

Photo Courtesy/Universal Pictures

Movie Review by Kirsten Laskey

This is a great time of year to go to the cinema. After a period of lackluster listings on the marquees, we are now in the season when all the exciting and heavily anticipated movies begin to put a shine on the theaters’ signs.

Take for instance the Reel Deal Theater’s listings – they are showing “Argo” and “The Master” – two very poignant and dramatic pieces that plow deep in their examination of human nature and the word.

Despite these movies’ dramatic flair, I didn’t see either film. Instead, I picked the lightest, fluffiest movie the local theater had to offer. With my sister as my fellow critic, we went to see “Pitch Perfect.”

I am not going to lie. I have waited and waited for this movie to come to Los Alamos. I’ve been watching the listings like a hawk, hoping it would come to town. I jumped with delight when I finally saw the title.

How did this movie fare? Let’s just say my sister leaned over to me in the first 10 minutes and whispered, “What did you take me to?” but as we walked out of the theater at the movie’s conclusion, she told me that she was going to have to buy the DVD.

Is it particularly deep? Not a chance. But is it fun? Absolutely.

“Pitch Perfect” is about a band of misfits in an all-girl A cappella group at a fictional college trying to win the national A cappella title.

The trouble is, the group’s arch-enemy, the all-boy A cappella group, is gearing up win the title they have achieved many, many times before.

The plot may feel a little familiar if you’ve seen the cheerleading movie “Bring It On” or any episode of “Glee,” but the journey to climb from the bottom to the top is always a good story.

Sure, there’s some crude moments in “Pitch Perfect” that involve vomit and another scene featuring a burrito being torpedoed through the air but there are many, many hysterically funny moments.

It helps that Rebel Wilson, who plays Amy, is in the film. The Australian actress yanks your attention and steals the show.

Another great cast member is Anna Kendrick, who plays the lead character, Becca. Kendrick does a marvelous job showing how Becca stumbles and fumbles but still successfully transforms from a rebel loner to the leader of the A cappella group.

I was also impressed with the quality of the singing in this movie. I am not certain if all the actors and actresses did their own singing or if their voices received some digital assistance but everyone sounds perfectly pitched.

The songs were also very creatively arranged and performed. If the movie doesn’t make you laugh it will certainly make you want to kick up your heals and have some fun.

And fun is exactly what you get when you see “Pitch Perfect.”

Showtimes this week are 7:05 p.m. today, Wednesday and Thursday.



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