PEEC’s Star, Planet and Telescope Party Set for Monday

Crescent moon of four days old. Courtesy Photo

For all those adults, kids and families who missed last week’s PEEC Star Party or would like to see more, PEEC astronomers are going to repeat it at 7 p.m. Monday March 26.

One highlight will be the crescent Moon of four days old, which should be pretty spectacular through the telescope.  

Venus, Jupiter and Mars will still be there, and the Orion Nebula will be well placed for a great view including its “arms.”  

Venus is best seen in twilight because its extreme brightness dazzles the telescope viewer.  

It should be quite a sight since only half of it is lit up.  

Jupiter will be showing two or three of its “bands” and its four brightest “Galilean moons.”  

Mars will show its orange hue with its top (south) hemisphere brighter than the bottom (north). 

Chick Keller and Steve Becker will lead the program starting a just before 7 p.m., at Pajarito Environmental Education Center, 3540 Orange St. – weather permitting.  

The program is free and open to the public with no need to register.  

For information, call 662-0460 or visit

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