PEEC: Celebrate Of Fiber In New Mexico Oct. 2

Courtesy photo
PEEC News:
Celebrate the Season of Arts & Culture by learning about the rich history of fiber in New Mexico at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 2, at the Los Alamos Nature Center.
April Jouse, Director of Programs at the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (EVFAC), will give this free presentation.
The history of fiber in New Mexico spans thousands of years, beginning with Pueblo people’s use of natural fibers, including cotton, to make clothing. It greatly expanded with the arrival of the Spanish, who brought Churro sheep and treadle looms. At this talk, audience members will learn how the introduction of fiber animals and weaving innovations brought about economic, governmental and cultural changes that shaped the fiber arts traditions of New Mexico that are still cultivated today.
As a part of this talk, the audience will watch “An Unbroken Tread: Wool and Weaving in Northern New Mexico,” a 20-minute film sponsored by the EVFAC.
Viewers will get an overview of the weaving process from sheep to blanket and take a deep look at the Navajo-Churro sheep, a hearty breed whose wool forms the distinct blankets artisans in the area still create today.
For more information about this and other PEEC programs, visit, email or call 505.662.0460.