Updated Schedule For Pavement Preservation Work At Mesa Library Overflow And North Justice Center Parking Lots


Crews will be repairing asphalt in the Mesa Public Library Overflow parking lot (where the Farmers Market used to be held) as well as at the North Justice Center parking lot.  

Work hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. 

Work is scheduled to commence at the Library Overflow Parking lot starting Tuesday,  April 20.  

Work at the Justice Center North Parking lot is anticipated to commence Wednesday,  April 21. 

Both parking lots will be closed. Crews will be crack sealing, patching, re-coating and restriping. Due to cure times of these processes, this project is anticipated to continue through April 30.  

Customers needing to access the Justice Center will need to park on the south side of the building, accessed via Trinity Drive. The Justice Center sidewalk will remain open with barriers to help customers maintain distance from the construction crew.  

Customers to the Mesa Public Library or Skate Park can park on the western Library parking lot. Access to the Library drive-though will remain open.  

Questions related to this project should be directed to Scott Halder at 505.662.8113 or  LACPW@lacnm.us