Pastor Raul Granillo: Christianity 101

Los Alamos

Christianity 101.

“I will sing of your love and justice; to you, LORD, I will sing praise” (Ps. 101: 1).

I was reminded this week, by a new friend, that the simplicity of the Bible is the most powerful means of bringing life into this world. Too often we overcomplicate what God says or what Christianity is supposed to be about. We may get hung up in how to attract new people to our church and forget that all the world really needs is for us to live Christ-like lives.

The 101st Psalm is a great message of the simplicity of Christian living. Within this short work of David, you can find some basic principles that should becoming of every Christian. These basic principles are important because they give specific application to clichés that are often abused—such as “Love wins!” or “Love like Jesus does.” David offers some practical ways to actually live Jesus-like lives that exemplify real love and justice.

The Christian is to “be careful to lead a blameless life” (v 2). This is not perfection, but it means actually taking intentional steps to not sin against God. I once heard an evangelist rightly state, “If you sin, it is because you chose to.” Are you being intentional in living this kind of life?

The Christian does not set “vile things” before their eyes (3a). How can we show real love and justice if we allow ourselves to be corrupted or entertained by those things that we should abhor? What do you set before your eyes?

The Christian should not have anything to do with those who promote evil (4). Instead the Christian should be the one who protects the integrity of their neighbor by calling out the lies of the deceitful (5). How often do we find ourselves tolerating gossip or hateful words for any reason?

The Christian should always look to those who exemplify Christ-likeness (6). They should seek to be influenced and taught by those who have proven themselves to love God and—as a result of that love—love their neighbor. Who do you seek counsel from? What qualifies them in that field?

The Christian should seek to end the injustice brought into this world by exposing lies and rebuking evil (8). This is the task Church. Reflecting God’s light into the world means exposing lies for what they are so that they do not become snares to anyone. How do you seek justice and truth for this world?

There is certainly a simplicity to what God commands us. However, the implications are vast. The only way to bring hope, peace, life, and light into our world is to live in obedience to God. It is only then that we can truly sing of God’s love and justice to the world. And it is only then that we truly praise God!

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