Oversight Committee Gives Collective Order of Preference to CIP Phase II Projects

County News:

On Thursday evening, the CIP Evaluation and Oversight Committee reviewed the list of CIP Phase 2 projects that have applied to proceed to Council for Design/Build consideration, and gave a collective “order of preference” listing. The result is shown below.

The list was developed by first taking input from each member of the Committee on their personal order of preference, and then discussing and adjusting the listing to reach and average the total number of points per project.

This exercise was conducted twice in order to work on gaining committee consensus as members listened to arguments supporting one particular project as a higher priority over another project, and the members adjusted their scores accordingly to the discussion as they further contemplated committee member’s input.

After nearly two hours of debate, the list below received unanimous approval in a vote from the Committee (Member Terry Goldman was absent, but, had submitted his personal preferences in advance to be included) that they would support the projects being considered to move forward to construction in this order below.

It’s important to note that every committee member voiced support for ALL of the projects last night.

In fact, the Committee had approved every project over the last few weeks; no one was turned down in their request for design/construction funds.

It was very difficult to choose which projects might proceed ahead of other projects, and, everyone hopes that one day, all of them could proceed.

The committee simply wanted to recognize that they know there isn’t an infinite pool of money to fund all of these projects, all at once, and, that the time and project management (County staffing) issues would naturally lead to the need for building some out, while others remain in the queue.

This list will be included in the committee’s recommendations to County Administrator Burgess next week with a general memo summing up the Committee’s work during Phase 2, for his consideration as he finalizes the County’s FY13/14 budget, which will be published March 30.

Here is the order of preference from first to last:

1.     W.R. Civic Center

2.     Golf Course Improvements

3.     Teen Center

4.     Ashley Pond Improvements

5.     Nature Center

6.     Ice Rink Lockers & Bathrooms

7.     Ice Rink Parking

8.     Ice Rink Lift Station

9.     Ice Rink Cover


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