Orphaned Bear Cubs Sent To Dr. Kathleen Ramsay

LEWF News:

Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation received the great news Saturday that the two bear cubs from the unfortunate attack on the runner in the recent Valles Caldera Runs event had been trapped, and on their way to Dr. Kathleen Ramsay of the Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation.

Quickly, LEWF board members helped Dr. Ramsay get her Intensive Care cage ready to receive the new cubs, and soon the cubs had a safe place to call home for the next six months.

As the cubs grow, Dr. Ramsay will move them to larger cages, and ultimately they will be released.

This is where we need help. These bears will require at least six months to achieve a healthy weight to be released. This means a lot of ingredients for their “Mush”, dogfood, fruits, veggies and any other veterinary care. Typically this comes costs about $6,000 per cub for a full recovery.

Many donations have already started to come in, and we thank those who have made the choice to help these young bears. If you would like to donate, please feel free to do so by visiting www.landofenchantment.org or visit Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LandOfEnchantmentWildlifeFoundation/. Every penny will go to help these wonderful animals.

Working with Dr. Ramsay, LEWF will do our best to provide as many updates on the bear cubs’ progress and release.

Thank you to all of those who shared their love with not only these cubs, but also the Sow and the runner. Beyond these cubs, we also wish her a quick recovery. This was an unfortunate accident for all those involved, and a happy ending will be a fully recovered runner and two fat bears.