Op-Ed: Raid On Trump’s Florida Home Political Persecution

1st Vice Chairman
Republican Party of New Mexico

In response to Valerie Fox’s Aug. 9 letter to the editor (link) criticizing Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce’s justified reaction to the recent FBI raid on former President Trump’s residence, Mar-a-Lago, I must say it is Valerie who is, in fact, tone deaf – and, in fact – quite blind.

While Ms. Fox’s letter attempts to incorporate her “criminal justice background” as a basis for her argument to demonize Trump, it becomes quite apparent that she turns a blind eye to facts which should at least make a reasonable person wonder at the actions of the government.

She seems to not have been concerned when Hillary Clinton was keeping Top Secret information on her private server, a violation of the law. And she does not seem fazed by Hunter Biden’s laptop and the revelations about the money he makes from the Chinese and the President’s participation in that.

Or the infamous phony Steele Dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton, then fed into the FBI system where it was ultimately used by a judge to get around the Patriot Act, which is supposed to prevent the government from spying on US citizens. Even when the government was spying on Trump, it could not come up with any evidence to convict him of a crime. After an exhaustive search and wasting $32 million in taxpayer dollars, the Mueller Report showed no collusion and no obstruction of justice.

If Ms. Fox were a real student of matters such as the raid on Trump’s house, she would be familiar with the 525 page report commissioned by the judge in the 2008 trial of Senator Ted Stevens, (R-AL), as the senator faced election. The report is a blistering indictment against the DOJ prosecutors withholding key evidence and hiding a key witness until after the trial and after the election. If the federal government can conduct itself in dealing with a former President, imagine what it can do to everyday Americans.

So really, Ms. Fox’s letter ends up being, not a journalistic observation about government over reach or the lack of it, but rather just one more hysterical political opinion.

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