Obituary: Shana Marie Gurule June 9, 1974 – June 20, 2019

SHANA MARIE GURULE June 9, 1974 – June 20, 2019

Shana Marie Gurule of Nambe, NM, born June 9, 1974, passed away June 20, 2019.

My beautiful loving daughter is beginning a new adventure somewhere in the universe, maybe in Heaven to reorganize and brighten up the place. The shy and remote girl blossomed into an outgoing adventuress, bringing joy to everyone she met with her many talents, enthusiasm and humor.

A dream of working in the travel industry lead her to serve as a hostess on trains and riverboats throughout the United States. With extended schooling she started a consulting business (Modernize) helping clients design and reorganize their homes in preparation for resale. Additional education lead to another hobby and business (ShastaDaisy Botanicals) customizing herbal tinctures.

Shana had a keen eye for beauty in everything, which she shared by posting natural or staged photographs accompanied with amazing insight and humor. She was mesmerized by sunsets and sunrises; cloud formations; flowers and trees; and above all, shiny bling. Shana loved the warmth of tropical locations and beaches in Hawaii, Florida, and Southern California, as well as the heat and glitter of Las Vegas.

After I moved to Tennessee in 2009, Shana and I maintained a joyful and enduring relationship by FB and phone, reminiscing and updating our respective lives. I especially enjoyed her teasing me with photos of our beloved New Mexican foods including the Green Chile Cheese Lota Burger. Kindly, she kept us supplied with care packages of red chile, chicos, posole, and carne seca, but sadly, no Lota Burgers.

Unfortunately, Shana was burdened with numerous illnesses over an extended period that seriously hampered her quality of life. Reluctant to burden others, even within the family, she minimized the seriousness of her ailments ultimately succumbing to them while under Hospice Care and dying at her home with her parents and loving brother, Jeremy, at her side.

Despite her chronic illness she was eternally hopeful, feeling that she was meant to have another life somewhere else in the universe, and I know that looking at the sunrise, sunset, stars, ocean waves, or shimmering leaves, my darling daughter is still around us.

This tribute is from her devoted father, Ben Gurule.